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If you currently have an instrument on hire from Wigan Music Service, we have extended all of hire agreements until the end of the Autumn Term 2020. This will allow lessons to resume in the autumn without concern about instrument hire. We will write to all of our hire customers when the time is right to request instrument returns or hire agreement payment and extension. Please contact us if you wish to check the status of your instrument hire. 

Buying a musical instrument can be very expensive. If your child has only just started to learn to play, it is probably wise to postpone buying an instrument until you and your child are sure of the instrument suitability and the commitment your child is able to give to learning to play it. 

To help with this, parents of pupils learning through Wigan Music Service can hire an instrument at very competitive rates through our hire scheme. Instruments can be hired for either a term or a full year and you can be sure that the instrument your child is using is of a suitable quality and specification. 

How much will it cost?

The cost of hire varies depending on the instrument required but can be as little as just £32 per year.

Please note: We do not hire electronic keyboards or drum kits although lessons are available on these instruments if you own your own.

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