Informing Me

Informing Me was our theme for day 4 of Preparing for Adulthood Week.

We provided advice and guidance for disabled adults, with speakers from the Carers Centre, the Local offer, and SENDIASS sharing their insight and expertise. Parent / carers and young adults talked about their lived experiences, transitioning from childhood to adulthood. There was also a live question and answer segment.

The day was split into two live events - a lunchtime session (1pm until 2pm) aimed directly at young people and an evening session (6.30pm until 7.30pm) aimed at parent / carers.

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Guest speakers

Sean Parkinson

Sean Parkinson

Sean is our first speaker for the lunchtime Informing Me session. Sean found paid employment after his supported internship and he now provides Travel Training at Embrace. Sean will be telling young people about the service he delivers and how he can help.

Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Our second guest speaker is Emma Williams from the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS) at Embrace Wigan and Leigh. Emma is joining us for both the lunchtime and evening sessions. She'll discuss where people can go for advocacy, advice and support once leaving college.

Emma has lived and worked in Wigan for many years and manages our local SENDIASS Service.

Beth Bannister

Beth is a coordinator at Embrace Wigan and Leigh, and she is joining us for the evening session to share information relating to the Care Act and advocacy.

Kerry Hurst

Kerry is our next guest speaker for the evening session and is the Family Service Directory Administrator within the Education Department, Early Learning and Childcare Team at Wigan Council. She'll be sharing information about the Family Directory.

Angela AlisonAngela Alison

Angela is Chief Officer for Wigan Leigh Carers Service and she'll be our last guest speaker on the Informing Me evening session and will be talking through our offer for carers. Angela has personal experience of being a carer and is passionate about supporting others.

Agenda for the Informing Me sessions

Thursday 11th November 2021

Lunchtime schedule for young people / schools / colleges

  • 1pm-1.10pm - Guest Sean Parkinson speaking about Travel Training
  • 1.15pm-1.25pm - Guest Emma Williams speaking about SENDIASS
  • 1.30pm-1.45pm - Hosting a live question and answer segment

Evening schedule for parents / carers

  • 6.30pm-6.40pm - Guest Emma Williams speaking about SENDIASS
  • 6.45pm-6.55pm - Guest Beth Bannister speaking the Care Act
  • 7pm-7.10pm - Guest Kerry Hurst speaking about The Family Directory
  • 7.15pm-7.25pm - Guest Angela Alison speaking about Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre
  • 7.30pm-7.40pm - Hosting a live question and answer segment

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