My Support

My Support was our theme for day 5 of Preparing for Adulthood Week.

We focused on available support and social care options, vocational based CIC's and the Ethical Framework, with speakers from our direct payments and transition social work teams. We heard from professionals on their expertise and advice, as well as parent / carers and young adults sharing their lived experiences, transitioning from childhood to adulthood. There was also a live question and answer segment.

The day was split into two live events - a lunchtime session (1pm until 2pm) aimed directly at young people and an evening session (6.30pm until 7.30pm) aimed at parent / carers.

Watch the My Support sessions

My Support lunchtime session

My Support evening session

Guest speakers

Lee Morris

Lee is a Quality Performance Officer for Day Opportunities at Wigan's Adult Social Care and Health team. At the lunchtime session, he'll be speaking with Jordan Burns who will share his lived experience of direct payments, Personal Assistance (PA’s) and his adult life.

In the evening session, Lee will be sharing information about the Ethical Framework for Day Care.

The following Day Service Providers are currently on the Ethical Framework:

Jordan Burns

Jordan Burns

Joining Lee Morris at lunchtime session is Jordan Burns. Jordan will explain to young people what a Direct Payment is and how it works for him. Young people will have the opportunity to ask questions too.

Jordan works at Embrace Wigan and Leigh. He's the Vice Chair of this years Preparing for Adulthood Week and also runs a Gaming Club. He is a Season Ticket holder for Wigan Athletics, likes a few drinks with his mates and enjoys going to the cinema. In Jordan's words, "he’s never in!"

Elizabeth Halliwell and Gabriela McGreevy

Joining us in the evening session as guest speakers are Advanced Practitioners Elizabeth Halliwell and Gabriela McGreevy from Wigan's Children’s, Adults and Families support and safeguarding team. They'll be speaking about what transition is and who it's for.

Danny Dowd

Our next guest speaker joining us for the evening session is Danny Dowd, Establishment manager at The Zone, a Wigan Council Internal Day service that offers an inclusive environment for people with a learning disability and/or autism. He'll be speaking about Wigan Council's internal day support offer.

Danny is responsible for the day-to-day management of the centre in addition to creating key partnerships that enable all customers to play an active role in communities. He has co-produced a number of innovative initiatives with people with lived experience, most notably the Autism Friendly Wigan project, which aims to make Wigan Borough a more autism friendly place.

He has also worked with self-advocates and carers to ensure their views and opinion influence strategic decision making.

You will find details of four local establishments offering day support below:

  • Central Day Service, Sullivan Way, Wigan, WN1 3TB, call 01942 826303
  • Broadmead, Golborne Road, Golborne, Warrington,WA3 2EB, call 01942 733215
  • Etherstone Day Centre, Etherstone Street, Leigh, WN7 4JB, call 01942 671919
  • The Zone, Robin Park Leisure Centre, Loire Drive, Newtown, Wigan, call 01942 828550
Zak Desai

Zak Desai

Guest speaker Zak Desai will be joined by his colleague Lloyd Harris from the Direct Payments team. They'll be speaking in the evening session about Direct Payments and how they can be used in adult services.

Agenda for the My Support sessions

Friday 12th November 2021

Lunchtime schedule for young people / schools / colleges

  • 1pm-1.10pm - Guest Lee Morris introduction and overview of My Support event
  • 1.15pm-1.25pm - Guest Jordan Burns speaking about his lived experience of PA's and Direct Payments
  • 1.30pm-1.45pm - Hosting a live question and answer segment

Evening schedule for parents / carers

  • 6.30pm-6.40pm - Guest Lee Morris speaking about Ethical Framework
  • 6.45pm-6.55pm - Guest Elizabeth Halliwell and Gabriela McGreevy speaking about Transition
  • 7pm-7.10pm - Guest Danny Dowd speaking about Internal Day Care
  • 7.15pm-7.25pm - Guest Zak Desai and Lloyd Harris speaking about Direct Payments
  • 7.30pm-7.40pm - Hosting a live question and answer segment

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