Preparing for Adulthood Week - schedule of events

Preparing for Adulthood Week is a five-day virtual event, that took place from 8th-12th November 2021.

Each day had a different theme, covering development, health and happiness, independence, staying informed and available support.

We heard from professionals on their expertise and advice, as well as parent / carers and young adults sharing their experiences transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Each event had live speakers and the opportunity to ask questions.

Videos from each session

Each day hosted two live events - a lunchtime session aimed directly at young people and an evening session aimed at parent / carers.

See below for videos from each session.

My Development sessions

An information session that delves into post 16 opportunities, including further education options, employment, and supported internships, with a live question and answer segment

Guest speakers included Matt Lowe speaking about the SEND Pathway, Antonia Hughes and Charlotte Fairclough speaking about supported internships, Lisa Felgate discussing careers and NEET, and Wendy Froggatt speaking about the Local Offer website.

My Health and Happiness sessions

An information session about health services, healthy living, wellbeing, and community-based activities, with speakers from our Be Well Team and Community Link Workers Service and a live question and answer segment

Guest speakers included Mike Fulford discussing the Community Learning Disability Teams, Matt McQuillan speaking about the Be Well offer and running a seated activity session, Tom and Joanne Barrow sharing their lived experience from children to adult health services, and Dr Liam Hosie talking about general practice, primary care and annual health checks.

My Independence sessions

An information session about independence and life skills, with speakers from our supported living team as well as tenants and families sharing their own experiences, plus a live question and answer segment

Guest speakers included Gail Heard and Lindy Wardle speaking about supported living, with Ben West sharing his lived experience of supported living, David speaking about travel training, volunteering and getting paid job, Linda Ashcroft sharing her experience of when her son moved into his own accommodation, Bev Parkin speaking as an Ethical Framework for Care provider Mediline, and Suzanne Johnson, an occupational therapist discussing properties. 

Informing Me sessions

An information session providing advice and guidance for disabled adults. We have speakers from the Carers Centre, the Local offer, and SENDIASS - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Services. There will also be a live question and answer segment.

Guest speakers included Sean Parkinson discussing travel training, Emma Williams speaking about SENDIASS, Beth Bannister discussing the Care Act, Kerry Hurst speaking about the Family Directory, and Angela Alison speaking about Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre.

My Support sessions

An information session on available support and social care options, vocational based CIC's and the Ethical Framework, with speakers from our direct payments and transition social work teams. There will also be a live question and answer segment

Guest speakers included an introduction from Lee Morris offering an overview of the My Support event, Jordan Burns sharing his lived experience of PA's and Direct Payments, Lee Morris speaking about the Ethical Framework, Elizabeth Halliwell and Gabriela McGreevy speaking about Transition, Danny Dowd discussing Internal Day Care, and Zak Desai and Lloyd Harris speaking about Direct Payments.

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