Church school forms

If any of your preferred schools is a voluntary-aided (church) school, you are strongly advised to fill in the school's supplementary information form as well as the local authority application form.

If you put a voluntary-aided (church) school as a preference and you do not fill in the school's supplementary information form, the school will not have all the information they need to consider your application and your child may be refused a place. For more information please read the following booklet:

You need to complete a supplementary form for each Voluntary Aided school you have named as a preference. All completed supplementary information forms must be returned to the individual school.

You can get a copy of the supplementary form from the school or download one from the list below.

Voluntary Aided Primary Schools

For important information on returning voluntary-aided school supplementary information forms please see part 1 of the Applying for a place at Primary School booklet:

CE primary schools

Voluntary Aided Catholic Primary Schools

Voluntary Aided Secondary Schools

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