School admissions appeals


If you are refused a place at a school, we will write to tell you:

  • Why your place was refused
  • Your right to appeal
  • How to appeal

How it works

  • You will be told the date, time and place of your appeal hearing 10 school days beforehand.
  • You will get a document called ‘Statement of the Case’ 5 school days before your hearing. This explains why your child was not offered a place.
  • You will meet with an appeal panel of three or five people who are neither connected to the local authority nor the school.
  • They will listen to both your case and that of someone from the local authority or school.
  • You will get a letter telling you the panel’s decision.

Decisions made by appeals panels can only be changed by the courts.

If you are not successful

If you do not win your appeal you will be told what your options are.

Parents can only have one appeal to a school in any school year.

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