If you're a sponsor or want to be a sponsor

Become a sponsor

If you want to offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine, you can become a 'sponsor' as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

To register your interest and for more information, you can:

If you have spare accommodation, you may also consider registering your interest with the following organisations that will help you connect with those who need support:

Help to match up a sponsor with a Ukrainian coming to the UK

There are a number of voluntary and community sector organisations running schemes which provide support for and help match sponsors with people coming to the UK from Ukraine, as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Already registered as a sponsor?

The government have put in place a process to notify Council’s when visa applications have been approved under the Homes for Ukraine sponsor scheme and this will trigger the appropriate property and DBS checks to be made by the Council. We are monitoring the database closely and will take the appropriate actions once we receive the approvals.

Accommodation and DBS checks are not a pre-arrival hurdle and once a visa has been granted guests can travel to the approved location.

Checks will be undertaken on a best endeavour basis but may not always be in advance of the guest(s) arrival.

Sponsor responsibilities

The following guidance outlines important information for sponsors including responsibilities of sponsors and how they can best support their guests.

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