Business continuity

How would your business deliver essential services in the event of an emergency, or during a disruption of normal day to day activities?

There are many events and situations which could cause disruption to your business including:

  • loss of power for a few hours (see below)
  • loss of a building and data due to a fire
  • loss of a key supplier
  • fuel shortage
  • natural disaster, flooding or terrorist attack

Business continuity management will help you to identify potential risks that may occur in a major incident or disruption and will prepare your business to cope and recover from them effectively and efficiently.

We can provide advice and guidance to local businesses and voluntary agencies on how to develop a business continuity plan.

Report a power cut or damage to power lines

  • Call 105. The operator will connect you to your local electricity operator.

If there is an emergency or serious immediate risk you should also contact the emergency services on 999.

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