Crime prevention

More information on preventing crime can be found on the Crimestoppers (external link) website.

Security at home

There are some simple things you can do to make your home more secure:

  • Car keys - don’t leave them by the front door
  • Curtains - pull them and leave a light on when you’re out in the evening
  • Windows and doors - close them (even if you’re just in the garden)
  • Locks - get sturdy locks for your doors and windows
  • Phone - never give private information to callers
  • Smoke alarm - check regularly
  • Strangers - phone the organisation they are from if you need to

Car security

  • Lock your doors when driving
  • Park in a well-lit and open car park
  • Take your things with you – don’t leave valuables in view
  • Fit tamper-proof number plate screws

When you’re out and about

  • ID - use an ID card, not official documents
  • Music - ear phones can distract you
  • Speak up - tell someone where you’re going
  • Taxis - book in advance with reputable firms, ask the driver to wait until you’re in your house
  • Walking - don’t walk alone, avoid quiet areas after dark

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