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Mayoral Portrait 2019The Mayor of Wigan Borough, Councillor Steve Dawber, is very proud to be nominated to the role of first citizen of the borough. Born and raised in Wigan, Steve has always been involved in the local community and this commitment intensified after he was elected to represent the Wigan West ward in 2008.

Steve became a governor at St. Andrew’s Primary School and Hawkley Hall High School. He sits on the Finance Committee at both schools and is involved in funding allocation, facilities management and budget monitoring. Steve is also a member of the former Transport and General Workers’ Union (now known as Unite) and used to be a ‘companion’, which allowed him to accompany members in workplace meetings that do not have a recognised union.

Steve was educated at Pemberton Boys Secondary Modern School and upon leaving, he had several jobs in the retail and textile industries before embarking on a 38-year-long career with Heinz in 1979. Steve has three children, Michael, Anna and Matthew from a marriage which ended in 1995, and a fourth child, Oliver, from a later relationship. At 18-years-old, Oliver is the youngest Mayor’s Consort that Wigan Borough has had, and Steve is proud to say that his son has influenced the two charities he will support during his mayoral year.

Steve has a particular interest in promoting the achievements of the borough’s young people and highlighting the opportunities available to them.

He strongly believes that the future of Wigan Borough is bright and positive as a result of the fantastic creativity, willingness to thrive and determination that is shown by our young people. After consulting with Members of Youth Cabinet and gaining a deeper understanding of the priorities of the borough’s young people, Steve chose The Willow Project as one of his mayoral charities.

Following conversations with the Mayor’s Charity Committee, he has also decided to support Wigan Youth Zone in order to promote and support the wide range of development opportunities and clubs available to young people in Wigan Borough.


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