Planning for the future - Jobs

Having a rewarding job is good for people’s self-esteem and enables greater control over their life choices. 



the percentage of people who work in retail and wholesale - higher than the regional and national average



Average weekly wages - 9% below the national average



Residents have GCSE level qualifications (lower than the regional  and national average)


30 minutes

The time it takes to travel from Wigan to Manchester by train



Local businesses signed up to the Deal for Business



of the borough's working population commute out of the borough for work

Key facts

  • 81% of people of working age in Wigan Borough are economically active, which is higher than the average for the North West or nationally.
  • Half of the borough’s current supply of available employment land has been vacant for at least 10 years.

Please complete this questionnaire to tell us what you think are the key priorities for the next 10-20 years. The response deadline is 11 December 2022. 

In addition to jobs, the questionnaire also includes questions on 6 other key themes that the borough needs to plan for to 2040, including homes, town centres, transport and the environment.

View more details on these themes, and information on engagement opportunities available to the public.

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