What is LEyEP?


What is the Leading Early Years Excellence Partnership (LEyEP)?

In Wigan we recognise the value of drawing on the strengths of the sector and promoting a co-ordinated approach to Early Years System Leadership, supporting and raising the quality of Early Years provision and practice in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) across the Borough.

In line with the principles of The Deal for Children, Young People and Families, Leading Early Years Excellence Partnership (LEyEP) will work in partnership with key stakeholders to support school readiness and support social mobility across the Borough

Current projects

  • Wellbeing approach including songs to make you go mmmm!
  • Reception into Year 1 Transition Project
  • Early Years SENCO Award
  • Gender Project - Raising boys attainment
  • Early Years Pupil Premium Project
  • Keys to communication
  • Introduction of WellComm Speech and Language Programme
  • Early Years Professional Development Fund
  • Pilot for Mentor and Expert Programme.

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