Training Bases and Inspirational Exemplar Learning Environments

Hindley Nursery School and Douglas Valley Nursery School both offer training bases with interactive learning environments throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Both schools have LEyEP information and resource packs available for practitioners to purchase which will support their professional development. The training and meeting rooms are available for hire and can be booked for a range of activities including meetings with staff, parents and other professionals.

Hindley Nursery School


Hindley Nursery School is an outstanding nursery school which offers early education for children aged 2 to 5 years. The nursery school has developed a philosophy that puts children and their families at the heart of the provision. The school believes in the importance of high quality learning environments and responsive interactions delivered by highly qualified and skilled staff. Staff at Hindley Nursery School have developed their expertise in supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities, communication and language development, parent partnerships, provision for 2 year old free entitlement and developing children’s higher order thinking. Children at Hindley Nursery School become confident learners and every child regardless of their unique starting point is supported to reach their full potential.

“Children thrive at this delightful and welcoming nursery school.

“Staff aim to give children the best start in their early education. They make sure that children do not miss any opportunity to learn.”

“All areas of the nursery inspire children to develop into inquisitive learners. Children, including those with special education needs and/or disabilities achieve all that they can. They leave the nursery incredibly well prepared for the next stage in their education.”

Ofsted 2023 - Hindley

Douglas Valley Nursery School


Douglas Valley Nursery School is an outstanding nursery school which offers education and care services, including early years education for children aged 2 to 5 years and out of school provision for children aged 3 to 11 years. The school promotes an early year’s philosophy that values children as active participants in the learning process and has developed provision that prioritises how children learn, with a strong emphasis on children’s wellbeing. We aim for children to become engaged, confident, capable learners. Expertise has been developed in supporting the characteristics of effective learning, particularly creative learning that promotes critical thinking skills, holistic approaches to teaching early Literacy and Mathematics, working with 2 year olds and the outdoor learning environment.

“Children achieve exceptionally well, regardless of their starting points, or any barriers to learning. They learn to become independent, confident learners and so are extremely well prepared for their next stage of education.”

Ofsted 2013 - Douglas Valley

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