Indoor Markets Terms and Conditions

  1. Wigan Council Market Licences are a personal privilege granted to a specific person or persons (who must be over 18 years of age) and not to Limited Companies.
  2. The Licensee (as in 1 above) must agree to abide by all conditions of the Licence and with all other Market rules, regulations and bye-laws from time to time applying.
  3. All applications/ tenders received sealed in the official envelope only and by the appropriate date and time will be considered by the Council, however, applicants proposing to sell goods similar to those offered for sale from the other stalls within a two stall radius of the vacant unit are unlikely to prove successful.
  4. The Council reserve the right to accept any tenders, not necessarily the highest offer, in order to maintain a balance of trades within the Market Hall or as a means of introducing new trading lines.
  5. Canvassing of any Council Member or Official whether directly or indirectly may disqualify the application.
  6. Applicants wishing to withdraw a tender once submitted must notify the Market Office on 01942 513163 prior to the commencement of the meeting considering the applications. Failure to comply with this Condition will, if the application proves successful, result in the applicant being required to submit 28 days notice to quit in writing and to be responsible for the payment of licence charges during this period.
  7. Successful applicants and first and second reserves will be notified in writing following the meeting.
  8. The successful applicant will be required to liaise with the Markets Manager before the start of any fitting out or refurbishing of the stall and to furnish a NICEIC periodic inspection report in respect of the electrical installation on the stall at the earliest opportunity.
  9. Before commencing fitting out your stall, you will be required to pay the out going trader £250 for the electrical supply to the stall (Wigan only). You will also need to negotiate a settlement figure for fixtures and fittings, if you require them.
  10. The Licence fee charge for the stall is exclusive of business rates which will be separately billed. Consumption of electricity will be invoiced quarterly to the Licensee.
  11. Licence charges are under review every 12 months.
  12. It is highly recommended that you view the stalls advertised before tendering. Otherwise if you are successful and do not accept the stall you may be liable for Licence fees for refusal of the offer and advertising costs incurred.
  13. Vacancies within the Wigan/Leigh Market Halls will normally be advertised  and also displayed on the notice boards at Wigan and Leigh Markets.
  14. Successful applicants in the food trade will be required to fit out to Environmental Health and Food Hygiene Regulations at their own expense.
  15. Please be as specific as possible when listing the goods to be sold as additions to licence will not be allowed at a later date.
  16. We will use the information you give us to carry out a credit reference check with a licensed credit agency.
  17. Before trading commences traders are required to produce to the Market Officer a certificate showing:
    1. Membership of the National Market Traders Federation or
    2. Valid insurance to cover public liability in the sum of not less than £2 million.

If you require any further assistance or advise in respect of any vacancies please contact the Market Office on 01942 513163.

This document can be made available in a range of other languages and formats. For information contact on 01942 513163.

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