What is the LLPG?

Every council has a responsibility to maintain a definitive list of addresses, and to create property numbers and road names to new developments and property conversions.

This information is held in a master database called the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG).

Every night our LLPG updates the National Address Gazetteer (NAG) to help fire, police and other government departments work together to provide efficient services.

What information is included?

  • Every street has a unique street reference number (USRN)
  • Each address has a unique property reference number (UPRN), and spatial reference (grid co-ordinate) provides the ability to locate it on a map.

The LLPG does not differentiate between commercial or residential properties, between occupied, developed or vacant land, between urban or rural or between addressable properties and non-addressable entities such as electricity sub stations.

It allows additional information about a property to be linked to an address including:

  • Property type - residential, commercial, land
  • Property state - under construction, built occupied, unoccupied, demolished
  • Ward information for all properties and business names for commercial properties

Throughout the life of a property, information on the address can change. This may be due to a change of name, a sub-division or aggregation of an address within a building, changes of use, such as from single occupancy to multiple occupancy, or the eventual demolition of the property. All of these address changes are recorded in the LLPG.

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