Street name plates

Clear and legible street name plates are important to locate and reference properties.

We are responsible for making sure that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions.

If you are a developer you will be required to erect new or replacement name plates in accordance with the following specification.

Name plates must:

  • Use rivetless technology
  • Be constructed from 3mm aluminium (stiffened as necessary)
  • Have Traffic Grey rear
  • Have Traffic Grey sign channel
  • Use Transport Heavy black font on white, 100mm capital height
  • Use 12.5mm black border
  • Have the Wigan Council crest on the right,115mm height - Please contact our Sign Shop for the image.
  • When required have the ‘T’ logo on the right, 175mm height
  • Use self-adhesive vinyl’s with a minimum 7 year guaranteed lifespan
  • Use a protected overlay film

Name plates must not:

  • Use die-pressed construction
  • Use hollow rivets
  • Use any font other than Transport Heavy black, 100mm capital height
  • Have the sign face punctured or drilled for pop rivets
  • Have the sign channel fitted using self-adhesive tape

Posts must:

  • Use 60mm diameter hot dipped galvanised tubular steel, BS729
  • Use bituminous paint to the lower section
  • Use plastic post caps
  • Use stainless steel brackets, channel clips or banding
  • Be erected with the sign in accordance with the following diagram:

Details of the dimensions for street nameplates

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