Street naming and numbering charges

On 1st November 2021 the Council introduced charges for the provision of new street names, renaming an existing street, alocation of property numbers, renumbering or renaming of existing properties and confirmation of existing address.

Schedule of charges
 Service Fee (VAT not applicable)
Naming a new street  £230.00 per street
Changing the name of an existing street  £230.00 per street (Any consequential changes to Traffic Regulation orders will attract an additional separate charge)
Numbering or naming of a new property  £35.00 per property
Changing the number or name of an existing property  £35.00 per property
Confirmation of an existing registered postal address or reissuing of SNN documentation  £35.00 per document

Application and charging process

Apply for it

Receive confirmation

  • Receive an application acknowledgement and confirmation of fee.

Pay for it 

Receive new addresses

  • When the fee has been paid your application will be processed and your new street and / or postal numbers allocated. 

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