Shevington Library


Gathurst Lane

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Tel: 01257 252618


Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday: 9am - 2pm

Thursday - Friday: 12pm - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm

Sunday: Closed


  • Wi-Fi
  • 7 public computers
  • Free parking in village
  • Located in village centre
  • Bus stop opposite
  • Separate children’s section
  • Community meeting room (available for hire)
  • Good Work Good Health accreditation

Village Art Gallery

Shevington now has Village Art Gallery, a purpose-built space to exhibit art. Village Art Gallery is for professional and amateur artists and community groups. Preference is given to artists or groups who live and/or work in the borough of Wigan. While Village Art Gallery is suitable for wall-based works small installations and sculpture collections will also be considered.

Gallery opening times

The Gallery’s opening hours match those of Shevington Library.

Booking the Gallery

  • There is no formal application process.
  • Initially there will be no charge for artist to exhibit in the Gallery, subject to review.
  • All work can be offered for sale. The library takes a 20% commission on all sales so please take this into account when pricing your work.
  • The gallery does not set a minimum/maximum amount of work that can be exhibited.

Exhibitions - October 2020

The Village Art Gallery at Shevington Library is hosting work from 5 artists during October.  Three artists have worked together to create their ‘Circle of Life’ Exhibition which is housed on the gallery walls; Carol Anne Eaves (paintings); Sue Gerrard (illustrated poetry) and Robert Evans (photographs). The other two artists will have their work housed in our cabinets; Beverley Saville (textile/prints) and Janice Tasker (mosaics).

Golden Daffodils Carol Anne EavesCarol Anne Eaves

I am a local artist and my work has been exhibited at most North West Galleries. I have had the privilege to work alongside Anthony Gormley on 'The Field' project. Mother earth and seasonal changes have always inspired me to paint. I try to create a painting that encourages the viewer to use his/her imagination to travel into the work. Lock down has been so difficult for many people. I am grateful that I have been able to escape into my own creative world.

Easter Sue GerrardSue Gerrard

For me words are the rhythm of life; they encompass and preserve our existence. Poetry is the rhythmic, succinct way of expressing our feelings and understanding of the world around us. I believe that no art form is exclusive, and, in this exhibition, I have combined poetry with painting, photography and computer-generated images (C.G.I.) to link together four art forms to produce one message. In this exhibition I am following the circle which controls our lives and that is the Circle of Seasons. Our lives follow the circle of the sun and the moon which creates each day and a day becomes a week, becomes a month, becomes a season, becomes a year, becomes a lifetime, thus creating the circle of our lives. Please enjoy.

Beverley Saville Sound of Water Oil on CanvasBeverley Saville

I am an artist, a maker and a dabbler. I love the process of making and exploring and my work often shoots off in new directions. The common thread is the inspiration I get from the natural world and the joy I find in being creative.

Jan TaskerJanice Tasker

I consider myself to be very lucky to have such a passion for what I do. My motivation dips from time to time, particularly in these times, but I can usually get back in the zone by playing with glazes, looking through books or just being in the garden. I’m trying to use this precious time for some creative exploration and growth.

Circle Of Light

One thing I am learning is that there is beauty all round us the structure of a simple flower, the thrust of new growth that will not be stopped and the busyness of creatures in the soil, turning my left overs into compost that’s nearly good enough to eat! Amid the tragedies, despair and sadness nature is quietly going about her miraculous business and will welcome us when at last we make it back.

Robert Evans

This exhibition shares with the viewer images captured on camera showing how light from the sun interacts with our world to produce both spectacular and more subtle visual effects.

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