Your Identity

Historic map to show Wigan town centreKey Stage 1 & 2 workshop


Identity is a difficult concept for children to understand. We explain this through discussion and making the link to the town or area where they live. In this workshop we hope to inspire children to find out more about the history of where they live and their school. We want them to be proud of their local area and understand that things were very different in the past.

The resources we use show Wigan’s links with the industrial revolution. Maps that show the coal mines and cotton mills that contributed to the development and wealth of Britain.

Pre-visit activities

Discuss: What older buildings are there near to your school? What were they used for in the past and are they used for anything different today?

Find out: How old is our school? What year was it built?

Your workshop

The workshop starts with a discussion about the meaning of ‘Identity’. How we are identified through documents and the things we do in our lives. These things make you the unique person you are and include your school and the place you live.

There are 2 activities for each class depending on the age of the children.

Key Stage 1: All pupils will have an opportunity to look at the ‘Our Borough’ exhibition and in the first activity they will choose things that are important to them and design a shield.

Children will work with an adult in small groups to look at buildings in the town centre.

Key Stage 2: Older children will take part in a map activity. Using an historic map they will look in more detail at Wigan town centre.

The class then go to the local studies area on the first floor and have the opportunity to look at the recently restored reference library. Here they will examine maps and photographs of the local area around their school. We will pick out local landmarks and discuss the changes that have taken place over time.

Follow up activities

Discuss: Why is it important that we have ‘Identity’ documents such as passports and birth certificates? What are they for and what would happen if we didn’t have them.

Find out: How do you apply for a UK passport and how much does it cost?


  • This workshop will be delivered at the Museum of Wigan Life
  • The session will last for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes
  • To book or for any further information please contact us.

To further support teaching, the Schools Cultural Service also provide book and museum loans.

For further information contact us.

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