Trencherfield Mill

Key Stage 1 & 2 workshop

IntroductionTrencherfield Mill

In this workshop we will explore the boroughs industrial heritage through the lives of its textile workers, and how working conditions impacted on their health and wellbeing.

It will also enable the children to view the borough in the context of the global economy and politics, for example, the Cotton Famine due to the effects of the American Civil War.

Pre-visit activities

Discuss: What are the differences between working in a textile mill in the 1900's and working a factory today. What did they wear? How safe was it?

Find out: Does anyone have a relative who worked in the textile industry? What was it like when they went to work?

Your workshop

The workshop gives an overview of the Victorian and Edwardian industrial era including engineering innovations made throughout the industrial revolution, with particular reference to Trencherfield Mill.

Children will develop an understanding of how industry has shaped the borough, and in particular, the importance of cotton to Wigan. It will also provide an insight into the working conditions in a cotton mill and the impact this had on mill workers and their families.

The workshop will develop a sense of what our ancestors achieved, compared and contrasted to modern day life. An appreciation of the skills and creativity of others who produced the building, the engine/machines and the products, inspiring the children through past achievements and creativity.

Follow up activities

Discuss: How do the lifestyles of these children compare to your own lifestyle? Do you think you would like to live as a child in the 19th century?

Find out: About the working and living conditions of many children during the 19th century, specifically those working in cotton mills.


  • This workshop will be delivered at Trencherfield Mill
  • The session will last for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes
  • To book or for any further information please contact us.

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