Box of Memories

Box of Memories workshopKey Stage 1 workshop


This session aims to show children some of the household items people used in their everyday lives around the turn of the twentieth century. Children will understand the similarities and differences in the older objects and things we use today. Children will talk about the objects using words and phrases to describe things from the past. These objects were all used in our local area. 

Pre-visit activities

Discuss: What do we use in the house to help with the jobs we do every week? (e.g. - washing, ironing, cleaning etc.) If we didn’t have all these gadgets, how would we boil water, make toast etc?

Your workshop

This interactive session involves all the children taking part in a fun object handling session. We act as detectives using clues to help us find out what the objects are. Each small group of children will examine unfamiliar household objects, they will identify what materials are made from and through a series of questions they try to work out what each object was used for over 100 years ago.  

Children then match the modern day equivalent item to the older objects. This will make the connection between the old and modern day items. 

Follow up activities

Discuss: Talk about the objects we have looked at in the session - can they remember them all? What surprised them the most? Did they realise that people would have used different things a long time ago? What are the differences between the old and the new objects? They do the same job but how do they work?

Find out: What did your Grandparents use to take their lunch to work or school?  How did your Grandma make her hair look nice when she was going out? Did she use curling tongues?


  • This workshop will be delivered at the Museum of Wigan Life
  • The session will last for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes
  • To book or for any further information please contact us.

To further support teaching, the Schools Cultural Service also provide book and museum loans.

For further information contact us.

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