Manage and maintain your home

We provide or promote housing services for owner occupiers and private tenants.

Affordable Warmth Access Referral Mechanism (AWARM plus)

For help with keeping your home healthy, safe and warm, see our AWARM plus leaflet.

Disabled facilities

If you need adaptations to your home such as a stair lift, ramp or level access shower, see our equipment and adaptations page for information on how to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Empty homes

To report a building that is open to unauthorised access, please contact Building Control. To report an empty home that is causing problems, please contact us.

Energy efficiency, heating and insulation

For information and advice about energy efficiency, heating and insulation, please see Energy Saving Trust (external link).

Energy supplier switching

To compare gas and electricity prices, see the Citizens Advice Comparison Tool (external link).

Fire safety check

To arrange a free home fire safety check, please see Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (external link).

Home repairs: Owner-occupiers

You can search for a local trader through our Good Trader Scheme.

Home repairs: Private tenants

If your landlord is not carrying out essential repairs to keep your home healthy and safe, please complete a housing disrepair form.

Immigration inspection

To request an inspection of your home to confirm it is suitable for immigration purposes, please complete an immigration inspection form.

Severe weather conditions

If you have no water supply, your pipes may be frozen and there are some simple steps you can take that will help to slowly thaw them:

  • Turn your stop tap off while you are not receiving water.
  • Use a hot water bottle or hairdryer, starting from the end nearest to your tap, to thaw the pipe.

Frozen pipes can also affect your boiler. If the boiler is affected it would show a fault code of F28.

Please follow the steps above to thaw your condensate pipe before reporting a repair. This pipe is outside, behind your boiler.

Please note - keeping your central heating on low during a cold spell can prevent your pipes from freezing.

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