Extra Care Housing

Extra Care Living is accommodation which is designed with older people in mind and aims to provide a home where you have independence and privacy, but where you can enjoy the company of other tenants and be part of a community.   

Most tenants are over 55 however Extra Care Living takes younger people who would benefit from this type of care and support. 

Extra Care Living is available to single people, married couples and siblings. Additional support is available onsite to those who need it.

What support is available?

Support can include help with personal care, overnight needs, making friends and connecting with the local community.  It can be one to one support, assistive technology, equipment or home adaptations which help to make life easier.

The Care Provider will develop your support plan alongside a Social Worker and yourself to best support you with any needs you have, this can include personal care services, such as dressing and going to the toilet or daily tasks like cooking, or laundry, etc.

Accommodation services and facilities

Fully-self-contained apartments where tenants have their own front doors and a secure tenancy The accommodation is designed to be safe and accessible for older and disabled people. For example, the bathrooms have a level access shower or wet room, the kitchen may have lower worktops for a wheelchair user.

Hallways may have handrails and be wider for better access.

There are pull cords situated throughout the building and you will be issued with a personal pendant so you can call for help if you fall or need assistance.

Each apartment has been developed to meet Accessible Housing Standards, Dementia Friendly (external link) and wheelchair standards.  

There is an assisted bathroom within the accommodation for those who need it.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that there is a secure door entry system and CCTV in place.

Extra care living provides a warm, safe and welcoming environment to live in which combats isolation and loneliness. There are communal spaces and gardens for you to interact in with other tenants if you so choose and you can also participate in activities and events either in the communal areas or in the community.

Housing Managers are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of tenants. Their role is to help you settle in and explain how everything works. They encourage social activities within the communal areas, advise you of what’s going on in the community and liaise with families and any support services that you require.

Who is suitable for Extra Care Living?

Extra Care living caters for a variety of older people with varying levels of needs and mobility.

Whilst there is a care team on site, not everyone living there will have care needs.  However, needs may change from time to time so flexibility to support is available.

Extra care living may be suitable for those who:

  • need no or little support to live independently
  • may need more regular, planned support, day or night
  • may require emergency support due to a change in circumstances, e.g. following illness, a hospital stay or fall

Who is not suitable for Extra Care Living?

Extra care living does not replace nursing care or other 24 hour supervision, so it is not suitable for those who:

  • need constant supervision and cannot be left alone
  • cannot ask for help when they need it
  • have very complex needs (this is reviewed on an individual basis)
  • could put other tenants at risk (this is reviewed on an individual basis)
  • need nursing care.

How much does it cost?

Rent is based on the size of your apartment and the home you choose to live in. You will be charged a weekly or monthly basic rent, plus an Intensive Housing Management Charge to cover the costs of communal areas, security, the Housing Managers and emergency assistance.

You may be able to get assistance with the rent and fees if you are entitled to housing benefit.

If you’re assessed as needing any of the onsite care and support services, then these are charged separately. We will complete a financial assessment of your income to calculate what you can afford and what your charge will be.

Tenants over the age of 75 are entitled to a free television licence. If you are younger than 75 then normal licensing rules apply for new tenants.

What happens if I own my own home?

Our Extra Care Living are rental properties only. You would need to declare what your financial position would be if you were to sell your current home to move into one of our properties. If you have equity from the sale, it will be taken into account for housing benefit or any other benefits you may need.

How to apply

To apply for Extra Care Housing you will need to complete our online application form.

If you're eligible for Extra Care Living and your application has been assessed, you or the person you have chosen as your representative will be informed when you have been nominated for a vacancy.

All potential applicants must have an active housing application with Wigan Council, you will need your housing reference number when applying.

Your allocated Social Worker or Social Care Officer will assess your needs and submit a referral through to the Accommodation Panel for consideration for Extra Care Living.

If you require further information please contact us.

Eligibility Criteria

Where we receive more applications than places available, the following priority criteria will be applied:

  • People who currently live in more restrictive services like residential care
  • People who are at risk in their current home/service
  • People who live in Council Homes which no longer meets their needs without significant adaptations to the property.

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