Extra care housing

Extra Care Housing is for older people who are less able to do everyday tasks for themselves.

It is similar to our other homes for older people (you will have your own apartment), but with additional care and support services available 24 hours a day to enable you to live independently for as long as possible without the need to move on to other, more traditional residential care.

How to apply

To apply for Extra Care Housing you will need to complete our online application form.

If you require further information please contact us.

Who can apply?

Individual schemes will have their own eligibility requirements for incoming residents depending on the needs the scheme supports. For the council to make a nomination to Extra Care Housing, the main eligibility criteria is:

  • Applicants should be at least 55 years of age
  • Priority will be given to applicants living in Wigan Borough or those able to demonstrate a local connection
  • Applicants must have been assessed by the council for their care and support needs and the level of need is suitable for Extra Care.

What services/facilities do you get?

Services and facilities vary from scheme to scheme, but will often include:

  • Access to on site care and support available 24 hours a day to provide domestic or personal care as and when you need it, e.g. washing and dressing (this does not involve medical care)
  • Meals served every day
  • Technology in the property to connect you to onsite staff
  • Social activities such as coffee mornings, bingo, as well as lunches and special events
  • Communal areas such as laundries, lounges, guest bedrooms and libraries.

How much does it cost?

Living in an Extra Care Housing scheme is more expensive than living in one of our other homes for older people, or living independently in your current home.

This is because you have to pay towards the running of the scheme, which includes the provision of communal facilities and the cost of care and support. Depending on your income you may be eligible for financial assistance to help you pay the costs. 

Costs include the rent for your home, a service charge for the running of the scheme, utility costs (heating, water) and the cost of care and support.

How is Extra Care Housing allocated?

The council has nomination rights for each of the Extra Care Housing schemes in the borough.

Nominations are made through a multi-agency panel that meets on a monthly basis. The panel assesses applications and makes nominations when vacancies arise.

During nominations, the panel considers the applicant’s needs in terms of housing, care and support, as well as overall community balance within the scheme at the time of the vacancy.

If you're eligible for Extra Care Housing and your application is being considered by the panel, you or the person you have chosen as your representative will be informed when you have been nominated for a vacancy.


In Wigan Borough there are currently 3 Extra Care Housing schemes:

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