Housing support

We can arrange support services for individuals and families that are at risk of becoming homeless or who have other difficulties related to their accommodation.

This support can help you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to keep and maintain your own home, or move from temporary or unsuitable accommodation in a planned way.

It can also help improve your health, ability to work and be an active part of your community and it is delivered in your own home.

You may find you need housing support services if you are:

  • Leaving hospital
  • An older person, particularly if you have support needs, dementia or mental health needs
  • Living with mental health or substance misuse issues
  • Living with learning disabilities or physical/sensory impairments
  • An offender or an offender being released from prison
  • At risk of becoming homeless
  • Living in unsuitable accommodation

How to get help

You can refer yourself and you will be assessed by the service most appropriate to your needs.


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