Become an Autism Friend

Attend one of our free one-hour Autism Friends sessions (external link) and become an Autism Friend.

An Autism Friend is somebody that learns about autism so they can help change the stigma surrounding autism in their community.

These sessions aim to help businesses and members of the public better understand how those living with autism will encounter situations and what they can do to break down barriers. Sessions are held regularly across Wigan Borough and to date over 4000 people have attended.

Book a private session for your team

If you have large team or group of individuals, we can host a private session either in-person at your workplace, community centre or virtually from the comfort of your own home. Book your session.

Volunteer with us

We’re looking for like-minded people who share our passion to support us with the Autism Friends campaign by either becoming an Autism Friends Champion or Lead to help promote the understanding and acceptance of autism

Autism Friends Lead role

As an Autism Friends Lead, you will be trained to deliver Autism Awareness sessions and encourage others to make a positive difference to people living with autism in their community. Additionally, if you work in a large organisation, or if you’re a training provider, having someone internal delivering Autism Friends sessions could be beneficial for your organisation, new members of staff and students.

Autism Friends Champion role

The new Autism Friends Champion role is all about promoting Autism Friends sessions and encouraging people to become an Autism Friend in general conversations in your day-to-day life. It's also about sharing information such as sharing our newsletters or social media posts with your workplace or community.

Both roles can also get involved in a variety of other activities depending on your interest and availability. These could include things like posting on social media, putting up posters in your local community or volunteering at market stall events across the borough. There are lots of ways to get involved.

Register a volunteering interest

Please send us your full name, email address and postcode in an email to Let us know which position you are interested in: Autism Friends Lead role; Autism Friends Champion role; other volunteering opportunities.

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