Shining a light on suicide

Shining a light on suicideWe want to encourage you to talk about suicide.

We want to support you if you’re bereaved by suicide, are experiencing suicidal feelings or are concerned someone you know is thinking of suicide.

And, we want to help you find the right support both locally and across Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester’s #ShiningALightOnSuicide campaign brings suicide to the forefront of our minds. It aims to encourage everyone to talk about suicide in an honest, open and direct way, so no one sees suicide as a solution to their problems.

Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for local information or find out more about the Shining a light on suicide (external link) campaign.

Alternatively, if you’d like to share your story as part of the campaign, please contact the PR Team.

Alexia’s story

Alexia tells us how she supported a stranger who was suicidal:

Would you know how to ask someone if they’re suicidal?

Asking somebody if they are thinking of suicide won't put the idea in their head. Suicide is a topic society feels uncomfortable about but it’s really important we are confident enough to ask direct questions so we can help someone in crisis.

Complete the Learn to save a life 20-minute training course (external link), which gives a number of different scenarios and advice on the kind of questions to ask if you’re concerned about somebody.


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