Help for suicidal thoughts

Shining a light on suicide

We want to encourage you to talk about suicide.

We want to support you if you’re bereaved by suicide, are experiencing suicidal feelings, or are concerned someone you know is thinking of suicide.

And, we want to help you find the right support both locally and across Greater Manchester.

Help right now

If you, or someone you know is struggling, it’s important to ask for help and support.

If you’re having more extreme thoughts and feelings or you’re considering taking your own life, you should speak to someone as soon as possible. Depending on how severe your symptoms are, your options include:

  • Calling the Samaritans - A free-to-call service operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if you want to talk to someone in confidence. Call them on 116 123.  Alternatively, download the Samaritans self-help app
  • Booking an emergency appointment with your doctor
  • Visiting your nearest A&E department or calling 999 for life threatening emergencies
  • Visit Staying Safe (external link) - Information about how to make a safety plan
  • Visit Help in a crisis - What to do in a mental health crisis
  • Visit LGBT Foundation (external link) - A toolkit for those within the LGBT community on how to manage and understand triggers and suicidal ideation
  • Visit Papyrus – A local service which aims to prevent young suicide
  • Download the Hub of Hope App on Android or IOS devices to find local services who understand and ready to talk  
  • SHOUT 24/7 confidential text service - Text 85258 anytime, anywhere for anyone in a crisis.

If you are employed, it’s also worth talking to your employer, as free support and access to counselling may be available.

#ShiningALightOnSuicide campaign

Greater Manchester’s Shining A Light On Suicide campaign brings suicide to the forefront of our minds. It aims to encourage everyone to talk about suicide in an honest, open, and direct way, so no one sees suicide as a solution to their problems.

Online training courses

Asking somebody if they are thinking of suicide won't put the idea in their head. Suicide is a topic society feels uncomfortable about but it’s really important we are confident enough to ask direct questions so we can help someone in crisis.

Alexia’s story

Alexia tells us how she supported a stranger who was suicidal:

SOBS Group

A Wigan SOBS group is now up and running and meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month, 7pm start. For more information email or call 07943934411.

Are you bereaved by suicide?

The impact of suicide can have devastating effects upon an individual, families and friend network. People can struggle with coming to terms with what has happened and may also have increased responsibilities such as supporting other family members and friends through their grief, practical responsibilities and supporting children.

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