About mental health and wellbeing

Everybody has mental health, just like we have physical health.

Mental wellbeing is about how you feel within yourself, how you build positive relationships and how well you can manage with everyday life and the stresses that come with it.

Our mental wellbeing is important because it influences not only how we think and feel about ourselves, but also how we think and feel about other people, affecting our outlook on a situation or the environment around us.

Chloe's story

Always seeing happy, confident and Instagram-worthy images on social media can bring added pressure to look and feel a certain way. Sometimes, it can bring us down if we can’t match this ‘perfect’ lifestyle. Chloe’s story shows the importance of understanding that social media isn’t always real life.

Louise's story

Relationships can be hard work. When romantic, friendly or family relationships breakdown, we might find it difficult to move forward. There is support available and Louise’s story shows that leaning on those around you can help with your mental wellbeing.

Ryan's story

Ryan's story shows that by seeking help with what may seem like trivial or common place issues, you can concentrate on what's really important and maintain positive mental wellbeing.

Arthur's story

Here’s Arthur’s story, which shows how leaning on a family member for even the smallest things can help you through a difficult time.


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