Identifying suspicious items

Is it suspicious?

Has the item been hidden?

Is the item obviously suspicious?

Is the item typical of what you might reasonably expect to find in the location?

Has any attempt been made to conceal the item from view or place it where accidental discovery is unlikely?

Can wiring or batteries be seen?

Consider the current threat.

Innocent items are not usually hidden deliberately.

Is it taped or contains liquids or powders?

Ask has anyone just left the item.


Has it been found after seeing suspicious behaviour?


What to do if you find one

Actions to take if you believe the item to be suspicious:

  • Confirm that the item is suspicious
  • Clear the area to the best of your ability
  • Do not touch the item and leave it in place
  • Communicate to your team and the police
  • Do not use radio handsets within 15 metres of the item
  • Control access into the area.

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