Suspicious behaviour

Remember to focus on behaviour not appearance.

On foot

  • Loitering in restricted or public areas
  • Paying significant interest to entrances, exits, CCTV or security staff, taking photos
  • Concealing face / identity
  • Asking unusual or security related questions
  • Avoiding security staff
  • Activity inconsistent with the nature of the building or area.

From a vehicle

  • Vehicles parked out of place
  • Vehicles retracing the same route

Trust your instincts, if you see anything suspicious take action.

Reporting suspicious behaviour

Call the Police and inform security. If it's an emergency call 999.

Tell them the following:

  • Who did you see, what did they look like, what were they wearing?
  • What have you seen, what has happened, what was it that made you suspicious?
  • Where did the situation happen and where were you?
  • When did it happen - what time?

Don’t be afraid and don’t worry about over-reacting, have the confidence to act.

Your actions could help avert an attack and save lives.

Whatever you do - DO NOT ignore it.

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