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Frequently asked questions

When will my appointment be confirmed?

Once you have completed the process in full your appointment will be confirmed instantly. You will receive confirmation on screen of the appointment time.

In addition, you will receive email confirmation to the email address provided. Where you have made a payment, two emails will be received, one will acknowledge payment and the other will confirm the appointment time. 

No appointment time slots are available

Please select the office you would wish to attend and click on the preferred date for the appointment. If no slots are available on that date, you will need to select an alternative date.

Can I book an appointment to register a death online?

No. A registrar will contact you to book an appointment, we receive your contact details from GP surgery’s, hospital or hospice.

I’ve forgotten my appointment time

Check your email. You should have received an email confirmation at the time the appointment was made.

I need to pay for my marriage ceremony

You will need to login into your Registrars booking account and click on 'Pay fees'.

Further information on Registrar services

Why do I need a Registrars booking account?

The Registrars booking account allows you to book, manage and pay for your marriage / civil partnership ceremony.

I have forgotten my Registrars booking account password

You can reset your own password. You will be asked to enter your email address.

Why can I no longer access registrar services through MyAccount?

You will now need a Registrars booking account to book, manage and for your marriage / civil partnership ceremony.

MyAccount is now a resident only portal. Services for non-residents are now available directly through our website. Visit Birth, marriages and deaths for further information.

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