Memorial benches

Memorial benches are available at various cemeteries and parks across the borough.
The cost includes the supply of the bench, underlying surfacing, installation, a plaque and the fixing of the plaque.
The benches are chosen for their durability and resistance to the day to day wear of outside seating in public areas. They are constructed with cast iron ends and steel slats and have proven to be reliable over a number of years.
Our plaques are flexible and can be traditional or modern depending on your preference.

Memorial bench with numerous plaquesMemorial bench plaques

In some sites we have public benches where multiple plaques can be placed.

A standard bench can accommodate around 10 plaques across the two bench slats and therefore reduces the cost of an individual memorial bench.

How to buy

To buy one of our memorials online please visit our memorial services shop and select the cemetery you wish to use.


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