The Barbican

The BarbicanA memorial for cremated remains scatter areas.The Barbican

The barbican is a stylish memorial that offers a number of individual plaques on an area designed for the scattering of cremated remains.

The polished granite memorial tower located in prominent positions within some of our cemetery grounds.

Each memorial plaque has an ornate bevelled corners and includes 80 letters within the cost for an inscription of your choice. Additional letters, designs and photo plaques can be added for an additional cost.

Memorial plaques are available for purchase on a lease period starting at 10 years with options for 20, 30 and 50 years.

At the expiry of this lease period the tablet can be surrendered or extended by the payment of a lease renewal fee.

  • 10 Years £295.00 - equating to £29.50 per year
  • 20 Years £500.00 - equating to £25.00 per year
  • 30 Years £615.00 - equating to £20.15 per year
  • 50 Years £800.00 - equating to £16.00 per year 

The barbican memorials are currently available at the following sites.

  • Wigan Crematorium
  • Leigh Cemetery
  • Gidlow Cemetery

How to buy

To buy one of our memorials online please visit our memorial services shop and select the cemetery you wish to use.


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