Garden of Remembrance

Cremated remains scatter areaWithin some of our cemeteries we have dedicated areas set aside to scatter the ashes of your loved ones so that you have somewhere to visit to reflect, contemplate or mourn their passing.

As a communal facility it is not possible to mark the exact location of individual remains.

How to scatter the ashes

Following a cremation you can ask your funeral director to complete the necessary paperwork to allow you to scatter the ashes in one of these areas.

  • If your cremation was carried out at Wigan Crematorium and the family does not wish to attend the scattering, then there is no charge. If you would like to attend the scattering, we will agree an appropriate time during the week or on a Saturday morning and a small charge will made to cover the cost of the service.
  • If your loved one was cremated at another crematorium then your funeral director can make the necessary arrangements or you can contact us to make the arrangements and discuss the charges. You will need the cremation certificate from where the cremation took place.

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