Here for You - Income Maximisation events

As part of our Here for You campaign, we are hosting events at our Life Centres and Libraries to ensure that local residents are getting all the support they are entitled to during the cost of living crisis.

We know that both nationally and locally, many residents miss out on income they are entitled to claim, as they don’t know they may be entitled, have difficulty making claims and completing forms or just don’t know where to turn for support.

Please come and join us at one of our drop in events, we will have specialist advisors on hand who are able to complete benefit checks to ensure you are in receipt of all current entitlements based on your circumstances. Assistance will be provided to complete any necessary claim forms if it is identified that you have eligibility towards an unclaimed benefit and you will be continually supported throughout the entire process.

Both national and local support offers can change quite regularly, so its worth checking what the current offer is and if you are eligible, even if you may have been refused support before or think you won’t be entitled to any help.

The details of upcoming events are shown below, please come along and join us.

Our team will be able to discuss the support that is available and help you to make a claim.

If you would like further details regarding the upcoming events or cant make an event and would like to discuss how we can help you, please contact us on 01942 489015, we are here to help.

Case study

These events are making real differences to real peoples lives, an example of which is shown below:

  • Husband and Wife aged 74 and 70 respectively, recently attended an income maximisation drop-in session held at Leigh Life Centre
  • At the time they attended, they paid full rent and Council Tax and were not claiming any support
  • They both became emotional and cried at the event when explaining that Mrs still needs to work despite health conditions, as the extra income was needed to make ends meet
  • Our specialist Welfare Rights officer discussed their current health conditions and established that it appeared both had illnesses and disabilities that appeared to meet the criteria for an award of Attendance Allowance (external link).
  • They were supported to make a claim and higher-rate Attendance Allowance was awarded for both Mr and Mrs
  • This enabled Mrs to finish working, and resulted in both being eligible for Carers premium (external link) and Couples Pension Credit (external link) Guarantee claim including Severe Disability Premium
  • As a result, they now qualified for full Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

As 74 and 70 year old pensioners who remained working with health conditions, this support and advice has made immeasurable differences to both their lives, both in terms of health and wellbeing and finances.

As a direct result, the weekly benefits which have been awarded now following all entitlements being fully explored and the relevant support provided to make claims is:

  • Pension Credit Guarantee including Severe Disability Premium and Carers Premium - £110.80
  • Attendance Allowance for Mr - £101.75
  • Attendance Allowance for Mrs - £101.75
  • Council Tax Reduction - £12.47
  • Housing Benefits - £81.00

Following the couples circumstances being fully explored and support provided to claim all entitlements, an additional £418.77 per week has been provided.

  • A total of £21,776 per year.

Please let us support you to claim what you are entitled to and may be missing out on, we are Here for You.

Other support that is available

If you find yourself in financial crisis, there is support available through our Welfare offer.

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