Housing partnership

Our housing partnership is made up of a number of working groups and consultative forums. For further details of meetings please contact us.

Homelessness forum

This forum is open to all organisations that either provide services for the homeless or those that are working towards preventing and reducing homelessness in the borough.

The forum provides an opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge, information and good practice
  • Keep up to date with current issues affecting homelessness
  • Support organisations in the delivery of the homelessness strategy action plan.

Private landlords forum

This forum facilitates all agencies involved in the private rented sector. We get together twice a year to build on our partnership and offer advice and information on current issues of interest in the private rented sector.

Bringing in contributions from those council teams whose role it is to enforce standards helps reduce community problems like empty homes, environmental health hazards and anti-social behaviour as landlords work with us towards shared goals.

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