Knowing our communities

Our equality duty aims to embed equality and good relations into the day to day business of the Council. By routinely collecting and analysing information about our communities, we can identify where need is greatest and respond in a fair, transparent way.

  • State of the Borough - The Council’s State of the Borough is a living resource providing information on the demographic profiles of the borough, including any protected characteristics. It shares updates about our residents and the impact public services are having on their lives.
  • Identifying high risk residents - Known as 'risk stratification', this involves sharing intelligence between public services to identify high risk residents and ensure they are supported in the best possible way.
  • Borough Survey - Conducted twice a year, this survey provides us with an understanding of resident’s experience of public services, which helps improve service design.
  • Community consultation and engagement - Ranging from hackathons, social media, focus groups and face-to-face meetings, we engage and consult with residents in a variety of ways. This ensures seldom heard groups are able to have their say on issues that may affect them.

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