Landlord Portal

Landlord Portal is now live →

We are rolling out access to the new Landlord Portal during October. If you have been automatically migrated onto the new system an email will be sent to a main company inbox with your login details and instructions.

If you do not receive an email by 17th October, please complete the 'register now' form below.

You can view your housing benefits payments online via the Landlord Portal.

Through our ‘digital first’ approach and The Deal we are enabling customers to transact with us online to help us make savings.

As part of this, paper statements are no longer issued and to view your statement you will need to access the Landlord Portal. If you haven’t already registered please register now.

Register now

To register simply complete the form below and we will provide you with your user name and password. 

Once registered, you can view and download current and historic payments.

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