What are business rates?

Business rates, also known as Non Domestic Rates, collected by local authorities are the way that those who occupy non-domestic property contribute towards the cost of local services.  

Under the Business Rates Retention arrangements introduced from 1 April 2013, Wigan Council now keeps a proportion of the business rates paid locally. This money, together with revenue from Council Tax payers, government grants and certain other monies is used to pay for the services provided by Wigan Council. 

The council does not have any control over the amount of rates that is charged for a property. The charge is based on the rateable value given to the property. The Government's Valuation Office Agency sets the rateable values for all non domestic properties in the country. The Government sets the rate in the pound (also called the multiplier) each year for the whole country. 

Rateable Value

The rateable value (or RV) is based on the yearly rental value of the property.  For more information see the Valuation Office's website (external link). A revaluation has been carried out and will take effect from 1st April 2017. 

The rateable value is multiplied by the rate in the pound to arrive at the rates payable and in certain cases transitional arrangements may apply.

If you want to check your balance, ask any other questions or tell us that your business has moved into or out of the borough contact us. 


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