Apply for driveway access markings - 'H' bar

To apply for a 'H' bar road marking to be placed in front of your drive you must already have a dropped kerb (vehicle footway crossing) for your vehicle - if you don't already have one you can apply for a dropped kerb first.

Please do not apply for a H bar marking if no driveway is present at the property, if you do, you will be refunded, however it may take up to 8 weeks.

The fee for a 'H' bar road marking is £57 and must be paid via our online payment system before completing the form below.

We can issue a penalty charge notice, on your request, for any vehicle parked across your dropped kerb, which results in you being unable to drive on/off your drive. Please be aware that your own vehicle is liable to be charged if you park across your own dropped kerb.

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