Apply for a dropped kerb (or to extend a dropped kerb)

A dropped kerb is a lowered kerb to allow vehicles to access driveways.

Before you complete the form, please read the following:

Please note: Planning permission is required for vehicle crossings on classified roads and this must be obtained before the application process starts.

Council tenants must also contact their relevant estates manager for written permission before proceeding with an application.

How long will it take?

We will contact you within twenty working days of the receipt of your application to tell you if it has been approved, refused or if planning permission is required.

If your application is approved we will request a deposit and will make every effort to construct the crossing within ten weeks of the receipt of that deposit.

Application form

  • Name
  • I wish to apply for Highway Authority approval for a footway crossing. I understand that if approved, the crossing will be constructed to the council’s requirements and specifications and that I will be responsible for the full cost of its provision.
  • Declaration not to obstruct public footway
  • I declare I will access and exit the driveway, in accordance with the advice given in the Highway Code. I will ensure that any vehicle parked on my drive at the above address will not overhang the adopted footway and cause obstruction. I will reduce the height of any hedge, fence or trees to 0.9m to a distance of 2.4m from the side of my driveway. I am aware that obstructing the footway in this manner is an offence under the Highways Act 1980. I am also aware that failure to abide by this declaration would result in the council rescinding permission and the footway being returned to its present state at my expense. I will inform future occupiers of this declaration.

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