Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine

Temporarily closed

Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine is temporarily closed to the public. There are some repairs required to the roof which unfortunately prevent us from facilitating public access to the engine at present, but we are working to resolve this for as soon as possible. During this period of closure the engine is still being maintained and regularly inspected. We are also currently reviewing future options for this site of historical significance and will update this page in 2024 with further details including on public access.

Trencherfield mill engine2Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine is one of the largest and finest working examples of its type. Built over 100 years ago, this mammoth metal powerhouse was regarded as a feat of industrial engineering. Churning out a massive 2,500 horse power to feed the ever hungry machinery of Trencherfield Mill, it played an instrumental role in Wigan’s industrial development.

With the help of Heritage Lottery Fund investment, the engine has been fully restored to its former glory.

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