Reminiscing Together Workshops

Reminiscing Together workshops assist people who have dementia to interact and converse in a natural way by stimulating their long-term memory.

Archives: Wigan & Leigh holds 800 years of history, and workshop leaders will share historical objects and photographs to support memory connections and spark conversations.

Tapping into long-term memory helps participants to enjoy interacting with others, through the sharing of stories.

Where are the sessions?

On site or off site – sessions can take place at the Archives in Leigh Town Hall, or at the care home. All sessions delivered on site will also include a relaxed tour.

What are people invited to do on the sessions?

  • Play retro games
  • Go on an imaginary journeys, e.g. to the places they went to school
  • Touch, taste, smell, see and hear curious objects from the past
  • Handle historical photographs and share the memories they provoke
  • Engage in fun crafts

Details of the sessions

  • Session are free. Please book in advance.
  • We accommodate group sizes of 8-15 participants. All groups must be accompanied by at least 2 carers.
  • Sessions last one hour
  • Coach parking bay that can be booked ahead of time.
  • All our public areas and learning spaces are accessible by wheelchairs
  • Inclusive – for any ability.

We offer different themed sessions

  • Childhood: Bringing back our favourite toys and games at school & home.
  • High Days and Holidays: Where did you go on holiday? Who did you go with? What did you eat?
  • Celebrations: Celebrating Christmas, Carnival, or Easter. What is your favourite Christmas tradition? And your favourite song?
  • Valentines’ day: Love postcards & love stories. How did you get ready to go out for the night? Did you send postcards to your loved one?
  • Remembrance Day: To begin this session we will ask people to discuss things they remember doing during/after the war – were they in the services, civilian workers? How was life then?
  • In Style: Participants will discuss the fashion they wore on different occasions and at different stages of their lives.

How to book a session

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