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Lady Mabel's WoodPlanted in 1995 as part of the Red Rose Community Forest, this moderately sloping wood is situated near to the centre of Wigan. Lady Mabel was the daughter of the owner of adjacent Haigh Estate (now a country park) in 1300s. Believing her husband to be killed in action, she remarried but her former spouse returned. As a penance she had to walk barefoot from Haigh Hall to a cross in Wigan, over the land on which this wood now stands.

Oak, ash, hazel and cherry predominate with meadowland, hedges and shrubs adding interest and providing a diverse range of habitats. Visitors can enjoy a good network of paths which link to public rights of way, the Haigh Woodland Park and Leeds Liverpool canal, which runs along the eastern boundary.

With mature woodland to the south and the adjacent country park (an important area of biological interest), the new woodland enhances and extends local habitats for the benefit of wildlife. Access will be developed in consultation with local people, who are the main visitors, given the wood’s location on the urban fringe.

Entrances on the southern and eastern boundaries give access to 2.2km of flat level paths which can be muddy and slippery when wet. Limited parking is available in lay-bys on Hall Lane to the south.


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  • Lady Mabel's penitent walk
  • Good network of local paths
  • Variety of habitat.

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