About Greenheart

Greenheart stretches from Leigh all the way up to Haigh Hall and includes plenty of beautiful parks, woodlands, wetlands, canals and green spaces for you to visit. There is plenty to enjoy, whether you want to spend a whole day exploring with the family or an hour having a leisurely stroll.

Many of the sites that lie at the heart of Greenheart were once the mining and industrial areas that were the driving force behind the borough’s growth and development. When the traditional industries that had been at the heart of Wigan declined and the mines closed, large areas of empty land were left behind.

Since the 1970s the council and its partners have been working to improve these areas. Many have developed into exciting natural environments over the years, rich in wildlife and habitats. The canals that run right through Greenheart are seeing investment and, along with investment in other routes for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, will join up the Greenheart sites.

Greenheart is being delivered by a number of partners working in Wigan. Key partners sit on the Greenheart Partnership Board and lead on steering the programme, helping to make sure that Greenheart can achieve its aims.

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