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The UK government has issued the following guidance for event organisers regarding Monkeypox at events and mass gatherings. The control measures and actions are expected to be proportionate to the size and risk factors found within each individual event. Further information is available on GOV.UK (external link).

If you’re planning to organise an event in the borough, and it’s taking place on council land, then you must notify us of the event.

If your event is on private land, then we strongly recommend that you still notify us. There can be a multitude of things to consider when planning an event - we can help simplify the process and loop in the right people to ensure the day runs as safely as possible.

Why tell us about your event?

Whether your event is on council or private land, whether it's big or small, there are numerous benefits to telling us about your event, this includes:

  • Help to avoid event clashes
  • Saves you time as we will engage with all the required internal and external agencies on your behalf to provide you with the best guidance available to facilitate a safe and successful event
  • Guidance to ensure that you have considered all areas of event planning, this may include licences, medical cover, insurance and food hygiene certificates, security required, emergency protocol, contingency plans and more
  • Essential advice and guidance on safety standards to ensure you host a high-quality and safe event for all residents to enjoy.

What happens if I don't tell you about an event?

If you do not inform us about an event you are organising, whether it's on council or private land, you will be going against the recommended best practice in the events industry.

When you notify us of an event, the Wigan Borough Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG) are able to review it and help mitigate any public safety concerns by ensuring the correct licenses are in place. It is also becoming increasingly common as an insurance stipulation that the SAG must be consulted with when organising an event.

Failure to obtain the correct licenses or resolve any serious concerns to public safety could result in the event being closed down. This can be avoided by notifying us of your event.

When should I tell you about my event?

You should tell us about your event as early as possible. For large events we would recommend 12 months in advance, and for smaller events 3 months in advance. This is to ensure we have enough time to meet with the SAG and review the event plans.

What documentation will I need?

We ask all event organisers to upload the following when they submit an event:

  • Event risk assessment
  • Event management plan (if applicable)
  • Event site plan
  • A copy of the event’s public liability insurance certificate (if insurance is already in place)

Documents not ready? That’s okay. If these documents are not available until closer to the event date, you can still submit your event and alternative options will be provided for you.

How to submit an event

Before you notify us of an event, you will need to:

You are now ready to submit your event:

What happens next?

When you have completed the event submission form, our Events Team will circulate the event details to the Wigan Borough Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for review. The outcome of their review depends on the level of risk involved with your event.

You do not need to worry about the SAG - they’re simply here to support you and ensure that you deliver a safe and successful event.

Following the review, the Events Team will contact you to either:

  • Approve your event
  • Request that you attend an SAG meeting to present your event to the group. As a result, the SAG may then approve your event or request revisions to your event before approval
  • Requests for additional information to support your submission e.g. required documentation, clarity on event details etc.

We recommend that you submit your event documentation as early as possible to ensure that the SAG have time to review it and to avoid any delay in processing your event.

What is the Safety Advisory Group (SAG)?

The Wigan Borough Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG) enables key agencies to work together to look at safety issues for any public event taking place within the borough.

The group is made up of the following agencies that work to maintain and enhance public safety:

  • Wigan Council
  • Greater Manchester Constabulary
  • North West Ambulance Service
  • Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service  
  • Transport for Greater Manchester

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