Code of Conduct and Policies

To ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn well in a safe environment, we ask you to:

  • Attend every lesson, and let your tutor know if you cannot
  • Ensure you catch up on any work you have missed before you attend the next session
  • Arrive to every class on time and stay to the end
  • Complete all homework you are set and bring it back to the next class to be marked
  • Practise your skills in between classes to keep making progress
  • Use behaviour and language which is respectful and inclusive to all
  • Comply with the building/venue rules where your learning is hosted and ensure you follow safe practice as you move about and/or attend your class
  • Tell us about bullying or harassment if it happens to you or to other learners
  • Talk to us if you are concerned about your own safety or the safety of other learners
  • Take part in sharing feedback to your tutor and on surveys about your learning and progression.

Policies and related documents

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