Leaving lodgings

If you are lodging with friends or family and do not have your own accommodation, if you are asked to leave you may have nowhere else to go.

If you have been asked to leave, please complete a housing assistance form as soon as you can:

We will advise you on what your immediate and long term housing options are and maybe try to negotiate with your friends/family to let you move back in, even if this is a short term measure to stop you being homeless.

If you are still lodging but want to secure your own accommodation, it is much better to stay where you are whilst you plan your move and find new accommodation.


If you feel that you need some 'hands on' help sorting things out with the people you live with, we can arrange for mediation. A mediator is a sort of neutral referee who can help you all to sort out your problems. They don’t take sides, they don’t decide ‘who is right’ and they don’t tell you what to do. Instead, they’ll help you work things out for yourselves.

If you are interested in learning more about this, you can:

What help can we give you?

If you are homeless or about to become homeless, please complete a housing assistance form as soon as you can:

We will assess your circumstances and if appropriate we will complete a homeless assessment with you. You will be provided with advice and a copy of your Personal Housing Plan, which identifies steps we have agreed with you to help resolve your situation.

The council does have a duty to provide temporary accommodation to some applicants, but not all, and if you have nowhere to stay, this will be discussed thoroughly with you.

If you have nowhere to stay tonight

In the event that you have nowhere to stay tonight, you can:

If you have no accommodation available to you outside of office hours and your situation is an emergency, you can contact our out of hours team on 01942 828777. This line is for emergency situations only.

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