Targeted Disability Service

The Targeted Disability Service (TDS) works with partners and agencies to provide support for children and young people with disabilities.

Disabilities for any child or young person are varied in their range and severity, and many children and young people can still access or be supported to access universal services.

Children may be assessed and supported through our Early Help team, Social Care teams and/or the Targeted Disability Service team.

A child with a disability is defined as having a severe learning and/or multiple/complex/profound learning disabilities and/or life threatening/life limiting/terminal condition.

What is a profound and severe disability?

A child or young person with a profound and multiple Learning Disability (PMLD) may have severe difficulties seeing, hearing, speaking and moving, which significantly affects their ability to communicate and be independent. They may have complex health and social care needs due to these or other conditions.

Children and young people with PMLD need a carer or carers to help them with most areas of everyday life such as eating, washing and personal care, for their whole lives.

Are you eligible?

The Targeted Disability Team will work with children and young people (aged 0-18) who have impaired abilities in one or more of the following areas and cannot be supported through universal or Early Help Services:

  • Profound/Severe learning disability
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with associated profound/severe learning difficulties/behavioural difficulties
  • Complex health and medical care needs (that may meet the threshold for a Continuing Health Care Assessment)
  • Life threatening, limiting or terminal illness

What happens next?

If a child is assessed and it’s decided that they require intervention/support in line with Wigan thresholds at level 4 (external link), they will be allocated a social worker or a family support worker. They will then assess the needs of both the child and family to identify a plan of support.

We provide a through care service for those children and young people with disabilities regarding:

  • A child in need
  • Children in need of protection
  • Children who are subject to care proceedings
  • Children who may require permanent placements away from their birth families
  • Children who are looked after by agreement with their families.

How to access the Targeted Disability Service

To access the TDS you will need to request a social care assessment by:

  • Calling the Children’s Duty team on 01942 828300.

The Children's Duty team will then assess your level of need and refer you to the TDS or other appropriate service.

Are there exceptions to the referral process?

Yes. We will NOT take referrals for the following:

  • Children with lower-level needs associated to their autism
  • Speech and Language difficulties
  • Educational difficulties
  • Emotional and behavioural problems including children with ADHD
  • Mild to moderate developmental delay
  • Asperger’s Syndrome unless linked to another disability
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Attachment Disorders

In the above circumstances, these children would usually be supported by universal services, early help, start well, health and / or education.

However, social care intervention may still be recommended to protect a child from harm and this would be allocated to the safeguarding locality teams.

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