Foster carer support package update

Recently we carried out a consultation with a group of our foster carers to discuss how we can improve our fostering offer. We have now approved new fostering allowances, which are an increase of 13% to 24% from our previous offer. We have also approved further proposals from our foster carers for our current and new foster carers.

So how does it work? Our foster carers receive an allowance to recognise both the skills that a carer has developed and the needs of the child or young person who lives in their family.

Our foster carers have fed back that they like to receive finances towards specific costs such as birthdays, festivals, holidays, initial clothing allowances and equipment as a separate payment to their allowance.

A breakdown of the weekly rate is provided below:

Newly approved Carers

  • 0-2 years old - £229.21
  • 3-4 years old - £236.02
  • 5-10 years old - £253.50
  • 11-15 years - £287.50
  • 16-17 years old - £322.80.

Experienced Carers

  • 0-2 years old - £288.31
  • 3-4 years old - £297.33
  • 5-10 years old - £319.18
  • 11-15 years old - £361.16
  • 16-17 years old - £399.65.

Specialist Carers

  • 11-15 years old - £625.13
  • 16-17 years old - £702.98.

Foster Carer Proposals

As part of the consultation, foster carers proposed a selection of ideas to help further support the fostering community with caring for children and young people. The following proposals have been approved and added to the foster carer support package:

  • Respite / sleepovers - £66 for each 24 hours
  • Mileage - 45p per mile for each full journey
  • 1 week of maintenance allowance for Birthdays / Festivities
  • £200 allowance for Prom
  • 2 weeks’ maintenance allowance for holidays
  • Up to £300 for High School uniform
  • Up to £150 for primary school or nursery uniform
  • In the future we may also be able to offer a contribution towards costs of Internet access and laptops.

We also provide additional allowances when you foster a child or young person with needs that require additional support. This can be between £14.91 and £149.15 per week depending on the needs of the child.

If you want to find out more about becoming a foster carer, contact our team today by completing our fostering enquiry form.

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