How much will I have to pay?

Most people need to contribute to the cost of their care. Like all councils, we charge for care services (such as home care, daycare etc.). Unlike NHS services which are free, adult social care is not.

How much you pay depends on your financial situation, which is assessed when we carry out a financial assessment. Your assessment will determine whether you will receive services free, at a reduced cost or at the full cost.

Your Financial Assessment - Working out how much you need to pay

Following a social care assessment we will tell you how much your care is going to cost and will carry out a financial assessment to work out how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of your care.

You will need to provide us with information from bank statements , your national insurance number and details of your income and savings . The information you give will help us to work out how much you should pay. 

The assessments team will also be able to help you to apply for any other benefits that you may be entitled to.

Do my savings I have affect how much I pay?

Yes. This is set out by the government.

If you have more than £23,250 in savings, you will pay the full cost for care services. This does not include the value of your property, unless you’re moving into a care home.

We will still give you advice on the range of services available in the borough and how to access support for yourself. If you have less than £23,250 in savings then, depending on your income, you will be eligible for help from us with the costs but are likely to still have to contribute something. 

How much are care services?

We have a charging policy for care services, which has been set in line with the government guidance.

Cost of care services
Home care £21.24 per hour
Home care (virtual visit) £18.28
Individual support/outreach £21.24 per hour
Supported Living (wake support) £20.10
Supported Living (sleep-in support) £9.04
Extra care (wake support) £19.07
Day care £38.00 per day, pro rata for part day
Assistive technology - monitoring and maintenance of equipment £3.93 per week
Assistive technology - mobile response service £2.00 per week
Shared Lives – level 1 £17.30 per session
Shared Lives – level 2 £23.10 per session
Shared Lives – level 3 £28.90 per session

Disability-related costs to cover essential items (such as buying a stair lift or paying domestic help) may be offset against what you need to pay.

Paying your bill

We will send you a bill every four weeks for services you have already received. The simplest way to pay is by Direct Debit and the Financial Assessment Officer can help you set this up.

Look on the back of your bill for more details of how you can pay.

What happens if I don’t agree with the charge?

If you don't agree with the amount we are asking you to pay for your care, contact the person who has told you about your charge, or fill in an adult social care complaints form.

Reviews and changes to my financial assessment

Updates will be made to your financial assessment whenever anything changes with your financial circumstances, such as income, benefits or pension. For people who have already care accounts we are making changes to the way we do this, further information is available on Annual Care Contribution Changes.

I'm self funding

If you are paying the costs of your care and support yourself see paying for your care and support (self funding) for further information.

Independent financial advice

If you are looking for financial advice, struggling with debt problems, or concerned about getting behind with bills, there are a number of organisations in the borough that can help.

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